I just returned from WordCamp 2007. It was an amazing two-day event! Both the speakers and the event attendees were very interesting and passionate about the evolution of this amazing technology, WordPress. This news clip speaks briefly about this evolving online medium.

The term “blog” continues to be the most commonly used term for the WordPress platform, i.e. this news clip. Now, while it is still being used by many as a blog, short for “web log”, which usually translates to “personal journal” or “personal log”. Myself and many others are and will be using it as a publishing platform (online press source, educational and training resource). Also as a database search source (dynamic keyword & category search). This use provides site users, if set-up properly, with an ease-of-use informational search. The official description for WordPress is “a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform”.

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, is interviewed in this news segment. At 23 years young, he is very articulate, intelligently impressive and personally I believe one-to-watch as a significant contributor to the world-wide-web, in the arenas of news broadcasting & social media.

Jeremy Zilar of the New York Times is also interviewed in this news clip. He is in charge of the blogs for the New York Times. I enjoyed speaking to Jeremy briefly at the conference and look forward to what he will be bring to the New York Times online and independently. We seem to share a passion for this medium.

BTW, that’s me sitting in the front right row of the audience, blue shirt / pink jacket, in the beginning and the end of this Word Camp 2007 news clip.