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numberscenter.jpg First, we decide on the layout, colors, feel & features desired for your online business. Next, I get to work putting the whole thing together. Once complete, you will receive a user name & password of your choosing and then you can start creating and adding content as you like. Or, for a set monthly fee, I can add text and images for you.

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Web Projects

Gerrit Greve websiteInternationally renowned artist, Gerrit Greve, launched his art website this month. Gerrit prefers a minimalist look re: website design. His desire was to keep the focus on the art, not the framework. Samples of his 1,000’s of art pieces can be found on this website. This is the most minimalist looking site I have ever created, yet with very advanced dynamic featured including an advanced Gallery/Album management system and form builder software.

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Would you like your site to be next? If so, contact me with you details, what you are looking for and any sample sites you like and we can get started!